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Save our respite care unit. - Carers UK Forum

Save our respite care unit.

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Hello everyone,
we are from nottinghamshire and have the wonderful resourse of a respite care unit called Kingsbridge Way, our vulnerable adults with learning difficulties are very settled here and see the resourse as a second home , amongst friends. Everyone is really happy and the unit runs extremly well. Image
However, due to the budget cuts the council has picked on this vulernable part of the community ( thinking we would taking it laying down) , they have decided to close this valuable resourse! Image Its terrible, our off spring do not understand, cannot cope with transition or change and are about to be up rooted from their safe enviroment!!!
please take a few minutes to sign our petition and pass it around so that others can support us in the quest to make it stay open .
thanking you all in advance..
amanda giles. nottingham
http://www.change.org/petitions/notting ... e-way-open
Done plus shared

thanks..getting there...
got a councillor interested...
Am so worried about the future of my daughter's respite home that I didn't spot this one.Sorry Mann.Have signed and wish you the very best in your efforts.Why don't they listen to us instead of thinking they know better? In the long run my opinion is that their cost (which they are trying to reduce) will be higher!!!Good luck.

thanks for posting and voting jeanette..can i ask you to share with your friends ie on face book or by emails... seems to be that politicians think that our children make easy targets for cut backs!

Vulnerable adults with learning difficulties, It is up to those of us in society who care, to protect them, to speak up for them and to see that they are not scapegoats for those people who feel they make easy targets for cuts!