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paula!!!!!!!! shes the devil!!!!!!!!! Image Image

i love saga mag,, i brought a magazine at the hospital that was all about starving yerself skinny,, how to divorce and get rich from it , and some strange story of a woman who had been raped several times..... at least saga has just easy ready, nothing to heavy or makes u feel quilty for eating a pack of hobnobs while yer read it

if im nearly 26-- does that make me nearly 6? Image
lets not all forget to send in our questions to saga to put before Ivan Lewis.

the date they all have to be in is 20th September.

pam x
Hi Pam,

Just to let you know I have emailed my question (s) in to Saga.
However,you know me by now,I also included War and Peace Image .Lets just say they have got a little more than bargained for Image

Can Saga be bought in shops or is it purely subscription?
Will you keep us posted about this please.

x x x x
Will do Pam, I'll post it on Tony's forum just in case anyone hasn't picked it up from here or Wendy's site.

Paula xx
Thanks for this Pam. I shall email my questions later today!

Take care
Maryann x
Hi Pam,

Just to let you know I have had 2 replies from Saga.First one was an automated reply I think, just acknowledging receipt of my email and thanking me for supporting Saga,just was addressed to Dear reader.

2nd reply was addressed to me by name from editorail team.

Will keep you posted if I hear anything else.