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Resistance is never futile - Carers UK Forum

Resistance is never futile

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I was sent this by a former carer to use on a blog. Sharing it here too.

Whilst the body count in shattered lives may be rising, to sit back and continue to ignore the carnage is an easy option for many. After all, so long as one get to watch a soap opera or football match, life can continue as is, with no real concern for what is happening in the outside world. So be it for the majority!

For a few like minded individuals, without any need to combine resources under any flag of whatever colour, to accept such an existence is beyond their understanding. Whilst none of the individuals involved are seeking to appear as anything other than potential visionaries in the history books yet to be written, most are concerned with the actual Society we are living in.

Said Society, more concerned with results achieved at the end of a balance sheet, that treats the planning of masses with great gusto, failing miserably to protect those most vulnerable inside it’s four walls against the storms brewing in respect of living conditions, food, energy, health … in essence, the basic necessities needed to survive in that Society.

It doesn’t take a degree in economics or social sciences to see the problem, or the solution, but it does take a great deal of energy, and patience, to convince the silent majority that, unless radical changes are made, there are only a few life jackets available when the good ship ‘Western Civilisations’ starts to sink. The warning signs continue to mount, other countries all already ahead of the collapse, Ireland being a prime example. Image
I couldn't agree more. That is why I am asking everyone to vote Green. Image Image

That wasn't what you expected, was it? Well, why should it be, when all the political parties regard themselves as the natural rallying point for the above disadvantaged groups, and there are clearly huge social class and geographical variations within all the groups you mention?
So, unity is a pipe dream ... and it is also quite patronising. People can choose to vote for who they wish, their vote is secret, and that's even cooler: let's move on to the next item on the agenda and promote free thinking and diversity across the spectrum. And sure, I think it would be really nice if you voted Green, but on balance I would rather like to think that we can influence all the parties by actively engaging with them, not drive ourselves into some kind of purist single-issue deep freeze and lose all potential credibility for a generation. I may be a carer, but I am also a worker, a taxpayer, a mountain climber, a cyclist, a parent, a motorist, a frequent flyer, and an art-lover.