As expected no use i wrote to P.M. as i wanted his point of view on my problems as a carer of course many other carers have the same problems as i have.
Well you know what iam going to say he has asked his seretary to pass on my letter to the D.W.P. minister.
I thought GORDON may have given me his own view on my problems.

well more time to wait, when election is called we must get carers uk to put our point forward and make sure it is an election issue we save the N.H.S. over £25-000 per year per person and ive just a few weks ago N.H.S. stated that carers help with bed blocking as they want to care for their relatives at home.
Must be honest when STAN was in hospital i was only to happy for a couple of weeks rest but soon realised he was not so got him home.