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We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to continue paying carers allowance to those who continue caring after retirement age or receiving a widows benefit."

Details of Petition:

"When carers reach retirement age or become widowed and start receiving retirement pension or widows benefit they have to forfeit their carers allowance, which is at present about £45, even though the carers continue caring for their loved ones. The care of loved ones is essential and must contine despite the loss of this financial aid and the fact that the carers continue to save the country millions of pounds in providing residential care."

You can read the governments response here:

the reply as expected is *********************
in the reply from the P.M`S office it states that the carers allowance is "NOT INTENDED TO BE A WAGE FOR CARING" yet it is the only benefit/allowance where you you have to prove that you "work" for at least 35 hours per week.

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