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Thank you for the information, I think she will be receiving an e-mail today, I wonder if she bothers to read them?!
No, one of her p a's does and decides whether she should or not Image Or just gives her the gist of the days' e-mails Image
Thanks Charles for info about Carers UK's accounts. Our latest set of accounts for 2006/7 will be available shortly. Carers UK wants to be transparent about its income and expenditure. Or income splits into two types: unrestricted income - money that we can determine how we spend to meet our charitable objectives - and restricted income - money that we must spend on particular activities in agreement with the funders. Some of the money we receive frm government falls into former category. We received £106,000 from Dept of Health for unrestricted activities. Some of the money we receive from Government falls into the latter category. An example from 2005/6 would be £12,000 from Department of Work and Pensions for Carers Rights Day where we are promoting carers' rights to benefits and access to services. See page 18 and 23 for full information. ... 052006.pdf