RE: Cuts in community care and respite

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It shows that they realise they are vulnerable...
Hi Everyone

Update so far is that I have still got my solicitor, even though Waltham Forest doubled the funding, which is still no where near enough what she used to have. In the meantime Waltham Forest have got the NHS involved and my daughter passed the continuing care assessment and now her money is coming from the NHS not Social Services. Suddenly now at 32 years of age she is continuing care. However, there is a matter of not receiving a penny and a 100% cut in services between Oct 2011 and Jun 2012, so I have sent a formal complaint to the Local Authority asking for compensation for Karen, it reads as follows:


If this is not settled then I will have to write to the Local Government Ombudsman, but the trouble is that I will have to get to be a deputy, because my daughter has a mental capacity that she cannot give permission for power of attorney. Obviously this will cost me, but I need something from this so carer's need a clear road of understanding and cannot be used to fund another's local issues.

I am wondering whether if anyone feels it a right that councils should take on the issues of disabled, carers, sick and elderly, because not everyone has the strength to argue for rights and probably gets the worse from them. Does anyone have any ideas to improve this, let me know.

Bye for now.

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