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RE: Cuts in community care and respite

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So far the update to this situation, the DLS solicitors have instructed a counsel and applying to the LSC for a certificate for public funding. The Health facilitator is seeking continuing care and has done an assessment, but I have found evidence that my daughter was assessed in 2006 and was in receipt of continuing before the cut in June last year. All has disappeared, she doesn't receive any services at all, so I am wondering whether both social services and health are responsible for this massive 80% cut, will update when I get more information.
That's terrible, how can she have Continuing Care one minute then nothing the next? I thought that with CC you were supposed to have a copy of the assessment, so if she was reassessed in June there should have been a reassessment then, and a copy of that sent to you? Do you think it's a situation where Health thought SSD were going to arrange something and SSD thought CC was in place to Health would be providing care? Thanks for the update, this needs sorting asap.
CHC isn't a continuing service if you are assessed as having a change in needs so that you no longer qualify, but she should have been re assessed and you should have been informed and somebody should still be picking up the bill for her needs which haven't just disappeared!
Myrtle, assuming someone had been assessed as having CHC, am I right in thinking that there would have to have been some improvement in a patient's condition before it was withdrawn?
They have to fit the criteria to receive CHC.
Interesting day today, by 4pm if my solicitor does not get a positive response to his final letter, then this will be going to high court. Hopefully, there is an end in sight. Will let everyone know the response when I get it. However, the solicitor has pointed out a very worrying threat social services can use against me:
We have made a deliberate attempt not to make the situation appear as severe as it can do in writing as we do not want to get the local authority so concerned that they start taking immediate action in finding alternative accommodation for Karen.

As we are stating to social services that the current care package is not working, this can potentially lead to them considering what alternative care packages can be put in place. As discussed previously, this could involve either offering some sort of residential accommodation or supported living. I think if they went down this line then the matter could end up in the Court of Protection, with the Court being asked to consider what is in Karen’s best interests. Clearly it can be argued that staying at home with additional support is in Karen’s best interests but it is important to make you aware that this is one possible course of action.
For me to have this thrown in my face would mean war, they do not understand my daughter, and I would either have to lie to her to go into a home, or they will have to anaesthetise her either way would not be in Karen's best interest to remove her from her home.
I'm fairly certain that there's a clause in the Human Rights Act that you have a right to a "normal family life". I've been in some difficult situations trying to get the right care for my son, it's so very stressful. So here's a big (((HUG))) from me, cos I know you'll be needing all the support you can get just now.
Hi Petty, I'm sending this link for you as there are loads of case studies that went to court and info on which human rights are being violated both yours and your daughters and how to fight!
I hope you find this helpful. I've shared on facebook already so please share as widely as you can if you know anyone who needs this kind of info!
http://www.bihr.org.uk/documents/guides ... c.facebook
Marie x
That's an interesting link Marie.
Thanks Bowlingbun and Marie for your support, where was I when that guide was written, especially the one for carers, I would certainly say my human rights have been breached by the Council and I wished this was written before 1994, when I was advised strongly to accept voluntary redundancy from a 21k job because of my daughter's disability, from a trade union UNISON, big difference in wages.

The update is today they are offering me 20 more hours per week, to stop the JR, but they want the professionals involved in Karen, (the one's that threw her in a Psychiatric hospital and forgot about her when they cut her services). Although this is still a lot less than she had before. I am still hoping to regain her level back, but being offered a little bit at a time. This so far has taken a year and eight months to achieve. I am hoping the solicitor and barrister will get the final outcome eventually, and I hope they don't advise me to accept such a package returned in it's smallest measurement. Will let you know what advice I get.