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RE: Cuts in community care and respite

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Good luck, I'm having a battle too at the moment, I know just how difficult it is to juggle both fighting for your rights and caring as well. Keep us posted.
Sorry friends, still fighting, so far the excuse is that they are using a new assessment tool called a resource allocation system (RAS), which social services say whatever that tool generates they can cut services by more than half. The previous service my daughter had was £2,305.04 per week, it is now by this new tool £972.00 per week. A big cut per week, which is only offering a few hours per week because she needs 2:1 support.

My daughter, has autism, only her autism gives her challenging behaviour, the last 2 services she had since leaving school have turned out to be businesses not services. They have made themselves rich and left my daughter in a reclusive state. The last services also found it difficult to employ staff on the cheap to care and support my daughter, so they caged her in a minibus for 8 hours a day in a supermarket car park, with £35.00 per week to spend on a sandwich, drink and yogurt, she started to refuse to leave the house, so I got rid of them. I have found a decent service with autism credability, however social services want them to cut from a 2:1 support to a 1:1.

I have a letter from the Waltham Forest Adult respite unit stating that they could not suitably nor safely meet my daughter's respite care needs. So now I have two lovely solicitors from the disability law service, advocate for my daughter, advocate for myself and a good friend with autism knowledge who is helping me fight this battle.

No barrister yet, but it is looking like a long fight ahead, will keep you all posted.
The RAS may be less "generous" a system but still has to meet the needs of the individual, and unless her needs have changed they cannot cut the package. Otherwise it is simply a cost cutting exercise which legally social care services can't do.

No wonder you need the legal support. Image
You are doing all the right things, it's such a shame that it's all ended up as a battle when you already have more than enough to deal with anyhow.
Update so far:

6th November had another review by social services, and also the health services. They are hoping that the health service can joint fund to increase the money to buy more time for my daughter's community care. This idea has come from a social worker who has come out of retirement and is now working via agency back into her old job. I have been told that the last 2 social workers did not fill in the assessment correct and all this could have been resolved by October 2011. Instead all my daughter has had in services is only 6 nights from June 2011 to today. I have had no respite offered, but they are prepared to pay for 5 nights PER YEAR wow!

The social worker cannot guarantee that I will get the same level of service my daughter had, but advised me to write to the MP. I am not writing any more stuff to politics, I will just get the solicitor to deal with it and if possible go to court.

I have no respect for any political party because I am now a carer for 32 years, a long struggle to get some rest and respect for my disabled daughter, and I see no government that has satisfied any agenda for both carer and disabled.

Let's see what happens next! Will let everyone know.
I do hope that the solicitors manage to sort this out for you.
There's a point when only legal action will do - it should never have to reach that point, but sadly it does too often.

Hope you've got a good solicitor and that you get what you and your daughter need.
A new review the same outcome, according to social services the RAS tool does not allow them to put down that a person needs 2-1 support, so all hours are equal whether the person has more support needs than others, this tool has wiped 80% of my daughter's service package.

Today I have signed the forms for the solicitor for public funding, will keep in touch!
I know I'm having a bad week, but it really does seem that more and more forum posts involve, one way or another well paid but stupid officials who simply haven't got a clue. Good luck with the solicitor.
Petty, go for it! They cannot ignore needs in that manner - it's almost certainly a breach of the Equality Act in that it treats your daughter's disability unequally. Bet your lawyer has a field day. Image

That being said, it would have been much better for all concerned to get it right first time. A lot less hassle for you and your daughter.