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question time

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Thought you may be interested to know that I am going on question time to speak up for carers. Why cant carers earn more than £100 and get carers allowance. I have cared for my son for 28 years and its only been the last 8 years that I have been able to work part time. I think they should allow us to work 20 hours giving us an average wage of £140 and get carers allowance. The level of care i give won't change, I just have to work harder. I do like to work. Being a carer can keep you in a poverty trap and certainly in old age because I haven't been able to save for my old age cos I havent been able to work much. I hope I get asked the question. I have a max of 30 words I can say. Nervous but determined. Anybody out there willing to bombard the gov with letters or get a campaign going. I don't want the token respite break. I want a real break. Let me work and earn a little more,
Sharon, take a look at this letter. Just a draft/template that can be amended to cover your own issues and circumstances. Replies are coming in steadily from MPs. Its more about raising awareness, making our voices heard, and gathering support where we can.

Disability Alliance and Radar

Disability Benefits just over 100 comments been added on the 1st 2 posts.

Going to move this to campaign section Sharon.

Best of luck with Questiontime, will look out for you, well listen for your question Image Image
When will it be shown ? well done and good luck Image
Well you have the luck of the irish as l have tried hundreds of time to be in the audience but nothing do they really give a dam bbc and johnathan dimbelby.


When will it be shown.

Tonights panel
David Dimbleby will be joined in Swansea by Chris Grayling, Carwyn Jones, Kirsty Williams, Nerys Evans, Lionel Barber and Kelvin MacKenzie.
starts tonight 10.35pm. No idea if this is same one Sharon will be attending.
Saw most of it. A bit dull, I thought.