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Possible Closure of another much needed respite home. - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Possible Closure of another much needed respite home.

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[bJust seen your name Rosemary.Thank you for signing.Bet Eun is the same as me and glad someone shows they care.

I signed it too, but you won't find a 'Myrtle' there Image Image
Love the xmas owl Myrtle,lol. Image Thank you for signing too.I know I am a 'Doubting Thomas' but have an aweful feeling the powers that be will not listen and just carry on with their cowardly cuts to the most vulnerable. Image
http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/k ... dbungalows
Here is the petition again.The more that sign the stronger the voice.I have been in touch with my MP and he sounds very concerned too and is going to find as much information as he can, and hopefully support us to the hilt!!.We have 122 signed on the net and approx. 2000 sigs on paper.Wish us luck please.We really need it. I wonder just how many other homes are up for closure too? It is frightening!!!

Am updating you on situation. Have been told the bungalows will not be closed (yet).Someone has signed for another two years of use!!! (.One is already shut!!!) There is a possibility of it reopening. Two MPs attended a very upset and angry carers meeting and offered their support. The local councillors have also added their support too, and we think this added strength to our concerns. We think that there is a secret agenda that will try to move approx. 28 of the service users, so the extreme worry is still there. The petition appears to be successful so I thank all of you who took the time to sign it. We will start it up again if the situation changes for the worse. How is yours going Eun?

Thanks for letting us know Jeanette

x x
Jeanette my sons petition seems to have greatly slowed down now. He was promised a full parliametary debate in the Scottish Parliament when he presented his petition to the Parliamentary Committee but they backtracked and it has now been referred to another committee - Health & Sport Committee so this means he won't now get the debate he was promised. He had a meeting with a BBC journalist but she wasn't interested as it doesn't affect enough people. She then had a documentary she had made on the news about drug addicts and alcoholics needs. Dying young adults are not important enough obviously. Rob (my son) emailed a whole host of newspaper journalists last week but has not had a single reply. It can be very discouraging but there is no alternative to keeping on trying.
So the Beeb isn't interested in broken promises - that were part of the public record?

Now I know we're in trouble.
The more I hear/read about homes/specialist centre closures the more worrying it becomes Eun. Cant trust a word they say. I cannot believe we don't have a problem and am sure they have something unpleasant up their sleeve. I do hope your Son's petition
does help his cause and if you can suggest how we might be able to assist please tell us.
As I think I said before,I am as concerned about yours nearly as much as I am concerned about mine.

I was unaware of the petition..... i will check it out now as i used to live in Kings Norton Jeanette