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Please sign for change - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Please sign for change

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You could do a FOI request via your local MP directed at parliamentary under-secretary of state for community health and care David Mowat. This would be along lines of asking ...

a) how many people using DP's in your town pay a close family member living with them?
b) same as above but in your full borough, this would include all local areas.
c) same as above but in every borough
d) same as a) only covering all 4 nations.

Also contact head of ADASS, association of directors of adult social services in England. Address it for the attention of Margaret Willcox

General Enquiries:
Association of Directors of Adult Social Services
Layden House
76-86 Turnmill Street
Tel: 0207 072 7433
Email: team@adass.org.uk

You can ask what guidelines they supply to Social Work depts. re Direct Payments. Gather as much info and evidence as you can to build your case. Ask them what their stance is in all this.

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Good advice !

Perhaps a reply along these lines ... in DWP fashion :
We allow the LAs to interpret the guidelines as laid down , and expect them to use their discretion to comply with them.
In other words . no answer at all , and no change to the guidelines on this Site.

https://www.opinionpanel.co.uk/2015/02/ ... -question/

Hopefully Charm , through her endeavours , will elicit a precise answer to this ambiguilty ?
Hey Chris and Rosemary, Thanks for the info. I tend to do a pretty rough 'street fight' with these dept's ..I normally win but takes ages and a lot of energy. Cheers...You know what you've restored my faith and I'm glad I came here...We all cross paths in life for a reason don't we:)
Can you start a new petition please?

Petitions were suspended and cancelled for the GE, so I think you need to start again from scratch
Charm you have got it wrong re carers being paid in Scotland by Dp's. We were told if you lived in the same house as the one you cared for you could not be paid - end of story. My husband and I both cared for our severely disabled son for 31 years until he died 14 weeks ago. For saving them tens of thousands of pounds in care costs we got to share the pittance of £62 a week between the two of us and for the last ten months of our son's life that was stopped because he was in hospital even though we were still caring and doing the lazy nurses damned jobs for them for 8 hours a day!

Charm, you will need t start a NEW petition once the government petitions site re opens again