I am trying to get Medway council to drop their £75.00 charge for a companions bus pass to travel free in Medway only. I have left an update before. The latest news is that after asking my doctor to write a letter to the transport department of the council saying about the problems that I have being mobile especially outside he has decided to ignore what the doctor has to say and just woffle on about the councils policy and reason for charging this obscene amount of money. They say that they have to pay the bus company for every person that travels free on the buses and that the government have underfunded them. If this is the case why do they not come up with some other means of making up the money like a cut in expenses. Before this situation of "free" bus travel in England came out they issued passes for single travel and companion travel without any payment. The only difference was that if you had a companion pass you could not travel alone. That was the only difference. I have an online petition and I would like some more people to sign it to try and get this situation resolved. There is a piece on the Princess Royals newsletter this month from Scott Burns who is my carer. If you would like to sign the petition the link is www.gopetition.com/online/18417.html Please sign. Thankyou Alison Image