Petition to retain emergency services

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Poppett has asked me to post this petition on her behalf ... pital-wick
Thank you Susie.

We are a small community and whilst travelling a distance for planned surgery not available in the county i.e. Urology in Edinburgh, hip replacement in Inverness the thought of somebody being trundled for three hours in an ambulance with an appendix about to perfortate for the want of a surgeon overnight beggars belief.

Those supposedly watching the purse strings have got their sums all wrong.

We have already lost paediatrics and specialist maternity, general emergency surgery must be retained.

Please all sign and share with as many folks as you can. Where you come from does not matter, one day the hatchet might be over your hospital services and I would gladly sign for you.xx
I've signed up. The NHS wanted to close our ancient local hospital, said they couldn't afford a new the local League of Friends had a massive fund raising drive. There is now a new hospital, sitting on a site the League of Friends owns!!! The next nearest hospital is 20 miles away, but in summer time, with masses of holidaymakers in the area, the journey can take well in excess of an hour.
Signed the petition :) I may not live in the area but as you said it could soon affect other areas too.
I would gladly sign Poppett but I'm afraid I signed another petition that was also on a couple of years ago and came a cropper (the original post was here on CUK). I found that my name was being used for things, petitions which I certainly didn't sign and definitely didn't start and had not agreed to be any part of, including one on Facebook (which I'm not even on). I'm afraid this has left me completely mistrustful of the way uses/manages the personal information and I wouldn't add my support using their site.

Wish there was another way :(
Sorry to hear that Ladybird.