Contact your MP for Carers Week

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In two weeks’ time, we are holding a Carers Week event in Westminster, where MPs will hear directly from carers about their experiences and the challenges of caring.

We need your help. Please contact your MP by clicking on the link below and asking them to attend and show their support for carers this Carers Week. MPs can make sure that the Government hears loud and clear the need for improved support for carers. ... .id=CUK-w

Carers Week by itself won't deliver the change required to end carers' financial hardship and deliver the support and services we need, but building awareness and understanding is a vital part of achieving change. At Carers UK we will continue to campaign all year round for the change that carers need.

Thank you for your support.

Do I detect a little plagiarism ... acid test for any Carers' Strategy , perhaps ?

If so , long may that continue !

Shows someone actually reads postings on the forum apart from the few regulars ?

A date for Carers Day in the House won't go amiss.

Once I know that , I will advance the FREE TRAVEL and 21 HOUR RULE threads via my local excuse for a mp.

If nothing else , vital to most of the carer army to get both on the agenda.

Martin Luther once nailed his " Lord Kitch " most famously onto a door ... 95 grievances in his ... I will do likewise with ours !

Slip him a pony and , perhaps , Black Rod will allow you to do the same ???

Make sure your public liability insurance is upto date in case one of your minions hits his / her thumb with the hammer !

Good luck with getting the mps out ... no £ 300 inducement ( A brown envelope or two with a few foodbank vouchers will not go down well ) , test match on and the world cup ... excellent timing !

A couple dressed as guide dogs won't go amiss !!!

Perhaps a few carers wearing miners' helmets might tempt Dennis out ?

If so , give him my regards ... one of the two inside the House that REALLY cares !

Not sure if Frank is a red or blue ... a chorus of " You'll Never Walk Alone " might not amiss ... even money bet ?

Failing that , the " Z Cars " theme ?

Sod's Law ? A Tranmere Rovers fan !

Just change the script a little ... after 20 odd years , words and phrases tend to be remembered.

At least blow the dust off the begging bowl , and ask this year's " Oliver " to ruffled his hair ... and drop the occasional " H " or two ... after all , to appear to be a genuine pauper , one has to be one !

Finally , to avoid the debacle of 2010 ( ? ) , don't forget to book a room ... and not the cupboard in the basement !

There were a few very red faces on that day ... not naming any individuals ... of course ... all except one have now found a real job.
If any are going mob handed , or merely meeting with their local excuse for an mp , perhaps a show of solidarity with our comrades following the latest report on food bank usuage ?

If mob handed , no pick axe handles , just custard pies to feed the clowns ... they will be expecting one !

Those judged to be " Clown of the day " often get promoted ... to the Upper House !

A few clowns from the late 70s take on a Shakesperian / Richard III role ... " Now is the winter of our discontent " ... " And it cost us the election ! " ... ???

And , darkness did indeed descend on the land ... Thatcher !
Perhaps we should all wear t-shirts with the slogan ... " To Eat or Heat , That is THE choice ! " ... as a show of solidarity with our comrades with no option other than to use a food bank ?

A minimum of 100.000 ... more than the number seeing any benefit from the Care Act.

And yes ... " We ARE all in this together ! " ... upto our necks in the mire !!!

" Why should we throw you a rope so that you can pull yourself out of the mire ? "

" Work is your rope ! You chose to care ! "

A disabled 93 year old carer did not find that " Amusing " ... or , indeed , a viable solution..

Even her hands were now incapable of knitting jumpers for the children of her local community with parents using the local food bank ... many of whom WERE working.
Picked up through FaceAche ... posted here to save another thread being created.

Which? are holding a special Facebook Event for Carers Week, where you can ask Emily, from Carers UK, questions about caring. Especially focusing on this year's Carers Week theme 'Keeping Healthy and Connected'. You can watch from 7pm tonight.

Click on the Which? page to ask your questions, underneath their post, and they'll put them to Emily from 7.00pm.

Short notice but ... now's yer chance readers ... no forum appearance ... have to run the gauntlet of FaceAche.

Wise choice Emily ?

No " Forum rules " on FaceAche ... you're been warned ... in comparison , we are all quite docile on 'ere ... apart from the odd question or two ... or ten ?

Pleading the " Fifth " over there is not an option !

Possibly posted on the main site ... I rarely bother to check that part.

If a transcript is made available , would any reader using FaceAche care to post it ... or pm me with it and I'll post it.

Would be " Nice " for any forum reader to know just what transpires.

Keep healthy ?

Having enough monies to eat helps ... as does the daily walk to the food bank ???

Further down the CUK page , brief report from one reader who recently met with her mp ... Teresa May.

The outcome ?

Read it for yourselves !

It made me smile ... a little !

Also , an opportunity to tweet Caroline Dinenage ... tweet ? ... after " That Plan ? "

Time to lock and load one's " Tweeter ? "
Separate thread created for the Emily Holzhausen Which ? FaceAche video interview : ... ache-33473

Be " Nice " to have a pundits' report on the meeting with mps earlier this week ... wouldn't it ?

After all , some were speaking " On behalf of " the carer army ... a mere 6.5 million.

What mandate did they have to do so ?

What they didn't say could well be more important to our future than what they " Decided " to say ???

For instance ... free travel on public transport and the abolition of the 21 Hour Rule ... merely starters for ten ???

Priming accompanying carers to ask such " Forbidden " questions is one of the oldest tricks in the book !

Rule book ?

Those who follow it as if it were the bible will never win in today's corrupt Sad New World.

As my handle says ,,, " Without deviation from the norm , progress is not possible. "
From another thread , most relevant on this one as well :


Third brief report in , off forum , from contacts in local carers groups ... activities during Carers Week.

All three report basically the same ... when asking " Joe Public " what should family carers receive to care ... same general answer ... " Nothing ... if they chose to care , why should I have to pay through my taxes ? "

Enough said ?