CUK New Fundraising Idea : Shop Online

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Suffice to say , many food banks are now accepting donations of clothing ... including school uniforms ... along with the more
usual food stuffs.

100,000+ of OUR fellow carers used food banks in the last calender year , ended 31 December 2018.

This year ?

110,000+ would come as no great surprise.

( That UC steamroller ... still in it's garage ... once that starts up again , ALL bets are off ! )

As for the food banks , we are told that the surplus food stuffs from the recent Birmingham roadshow went to a " Good cause. "

I am pleased to see that Trussells are also allied to this scheme !

Enough said ???
I do wish steam rollers had a better press! Mine is 10 tons but very docile and lives happily in the back garden!
The UC one is a little more selective , BB ... it tens to flatten whole communities :