Petition re mobility component of DLA

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"Scrapped" would suggest that it will no longer exist in any form
That's correct
That may be the long-term intention but the current proposals are to remove entitlement from many, not all, of those who receive it or would have been entitled to it in the future, you can only fight the current proposals not something which may or may not happen. If completely scrapping DLA is the ultimate intention, and there is no tangible evidence at the moment that it is, surely that gives us all the more reason to oppose every unjustified cut in entitlement or do we say go ahead, keep cutting entitlement until so few receive it government can argue that there is no justification for its continued existence? You only have to look at the changes in entitlement leading to the closure of the ILF to realise how important it is that those who need it continue to receive it in its current form.
Winning a short term victory (which is unlikely as Milliband supports all of Cameron's Welfare Reforms) would be futile as DLA in its entirety, including any entitlement to High Rate Mobility allowance as it seems to be known, would be abolished in 2014 anyway.

Unless there is some big opposition from Milliband then DLA will be abolished in due course, consultation or not.

They are not duty bound to take any notice of these "consultations" anyway. Its all just a smokescreen to cover up the cuts to pay for the banks, both here and in other countries it would seem now.

We (that includes this and other charities) need to say loud and clear "get lost Tories we don't need to make any cuts in benefits".

I doubt somehow that will happen as the Tory government has offered c £14,000 per claimant any charity "helps into employment". Tends to buy the silence of many charities.