Petition re Carer's Allowance overlapping benefits

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May I draw the attention of carers to the above petition which I have placed on the Prime Ministers Website.
The petition reads:
We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to continue paying carers allowance to those who continue caring after retirement age or receiving a widows benefit.

If you wish to sign this petition please go to
Many thanks for your support
Petition duly signed!
Hi, both my daughter and myself have signed this petition but we are still waiting for the e-mail to click on the link. It has been a while since we signed, does anyone know how long it takes for the email to arrive? I have checked our junk e-mail but nothing there either.

We got our e-mails petition signed.
Signed and will tell other's.
Already done

Good luck
I also signed it the other week!

Well done Margaret and good luck with it!

Take care
Maryann x
I signed the petition today and a few other.

Come on carers all over the UK we are the voice of a lot of carers who have no access to the internet I personally am spreading the word about this petition.

Well done Margaret and good luck.

look after yourself

love di x
Both of us have signed.

Looks like you topped the 200 mark so hope to see their reply soon...

If you still fed up about carers pay you could support my petition

basically, we should be paid properly within the law, just like everyone else, even illegal migrants get fairer treatment, that too much to ask?

i missed the dead line on the pension petion but i signed the other one