Petition re AA/DLA

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missed this one but not anymore!
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Defending Attendance Allowance
Summary: Why RNIB is campaigning on this issue and how you can help

•Why do we feel so strongly?
•Are other benefits also threatened?
•What is RNIB doing to defend AA?
•What can I do?
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I also sent an e-mail to my MP and the Disability Benefits Consortium on 11 Aug.
The silence is deafening, not even an acknowledgment!!
Perhaps we should all go and see our MPs when they next hold their monthly "surgery"
and let them have it face to face!!


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The Patients Voice

Petition For The Preservation of Disability Living Allowance
We talk to members of about their Petition For The Preservation of Disability Living Allowance and Attendance Allowance. They say that Proposals to have Disability Benefits integrated into Local Authority Care Budgets will restrict the freedom of Disabled People and their carers and cause increased bureaucracy and administration. Disabled People would lose choice and be again subjected to statutory interference in their lives.