Petition on charging for people with Learning Disabilities

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This has come in from a Carers UK member in East Sussex (Gerry Haines) who is not a forum member but wrote to us asking us to let carers know about his petition. The situation he describes is where charges are being increased for adults with learning disabilities who access day care. Their families are told if you can't pay, the service will be reduced.

Mr. Haines' petition calls for parity with clients who live in residential care and wants government to introduce a weekly 'personal expenses allowance' of £20.45 for those attending day care.

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to immediately introduce a standard "personal expenses allowance" when assessing people with a learning disability for paying a charge for the training and occupation provided by day centres, of £20.45 per week, identical to the allowance granted to the same client group resident in care homes, to be applied in addition to the existing allowance for the costs of each individuals disability-related expenditure.