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A man with learning diffs has been told he's to lose his job after 27 years without having a day off or being late once.

There's a piece in daily mail too but I can't do link on my iPad.
Here is the actual link for anyone interested.,... ... -his-job-2
I've just signed petition. I'm number 7,099 apparently. Another 401 needed according to site.
Gardeners of the world unite!
My dad's right, I am turning into a tub thumper.
Signed it
Here is the actual link for anyone interested.,... ... -his-job-2
Thanks so much. I haven't worked out how to do links on my newish iPad yet. Image
well i havent worked out how to operate an ipad at all, so you are probably ahead of me anyways!!!! I use a desktop....or laptop! Image
Signed it too! Image
I've yet to learn how to download photos from my new smart phone, or even answer the bloody thing... NEWPHEW!

That poor sod must be soooo sick of me ringing him... So I just have to scroll to whAT exactly??

I'm doing that.... now what?

"You do x, y, and thingy"

"You're breaking up.... why the hell can't these f...ers provide instruction manuals?"

"It's on Online, Aunty S."

"So what! Me dongle's run out!"

"Can't you get it recharged?"

"At a tenner a chuck are you kidding me? You're breaking up more than Sky or that Yoda.... now what the hell does that balloon thing mean?

Did the young man get his job back? I do hope so.