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Have also signed both Image
i have just signed for both BUT i have a question

if the carers allowence was brough upto minimum wage don't you think that the government will counteract this by taking away the income support and once you loose income support you also loose council tax benefit so it could actually make carers more worse off than ever and it could put most carers into extreme poverty. If carers allowence was to be brought into line with minimum wage then it would have to be sorted out that the income support would only ever be able to reduce to £0.01p and not actually be stopped, this way they pay you 1p a week but you still qualify for the other benefits which you need to be on income support for and carers would be better of by over £100 a week.
I agree there's an issue about raising Carers Allowance but as part of this most of us believe that the Carers Premium should be raised so that carers are not penalised for benefits.