Petition for better deal for Carers...Please sign it.

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I recently placed a petition on the '10 Downing St' website calling for an increase in Carer's Allowance. We Carers save the state billions of pounds a year yet get a miserly benefit. Also if we require a little respite we often have to beg for it and in some cases pay for it.
Please take the time to look and sign the petition, it remains active until Jan 2008. If we can amass 200 signatures at least we get a response from the Government.
Thank you,

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My petition is more to the point, we need more money, and the government is paying us an illegal wage.

If you were an illegal immigrant working in Kent, for the equivalent of about £1 an hour the DTI would swoop on the employers and prosecute them because it breaks the minimum wage rules.

Because its the DWP that pays us they are exempt from prosecution.

Thats nice....for the government!

It would be good if all of the charities could sign the petition and actually back a political campaign to increase pay for Carers.

Sorry, I work full time as a Carer, so offers to "help me back into work" are not of any interest.

Signed up to both. Belt and braces, me!
Signed both petitions.
Running at 49 sigs to date, need 200 or more to be taken notice of by No 10.

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Just keeping this one up as both need a lot more signatures!
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Paula xx
Both signed also!
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