Petition: demanding better care for older people

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When you're old and frail, you should be able to get the care you need to live out your days with dignity. You've worked hard and paid your taxes - now it's your turn to be looked after. But the government is starving the care system of cash. Right now too many elderly people aren't getting the help they need to get dressed, wash, or eat their lunch. [1]

The government’s trying to wash their hands of the problem: the minister in charge just said it’s up to families to look after elderly parents. [2] But that's rarely the whole solution, and in some cases that’s simply not possible.

A huge petition demanding better care for older people is a first step to show the government they can't shirk their responsibility. We expect them to fix this crisis - and fast.
Why just better care for elderly people? What about disabled adults like my 31 year old son where is his half decent care? Its not only the elderly who need care you know.

I am well aware of that Eun, as the mother of a child with complex medical needs and a learning disability. I was just flagging up a petition that I thought others might be interested in signing. I don't think it has to be one or the other. We all have needs, but not every petition can deal with everything.
True Emma, sorry if my written word came across as a bit grumpy. As a child there was some help available for my son and as an elderly person there are places available but for those with conditions needing palliative care who have outgrown the children's hospices there really is zero provision as adult hospices cater mainly for older people and don't provide respite. Of course respite will no longer be relevant to us since if the SW are paying for his 24/7 care there will be no money left over for any sort of respite even if it did exist.

Eun xx