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Petition Carers Allowance - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Petition Carers Allowance

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Just seen this today also..

The bit that really gets me is

"It has never been the role of government to pay people for the tasks they undertake, voluntarily...

How many of US are doing this as volunteers?

I for one had no choice when my sons placements broke down one by one
Know the feeling. I may have chosen to take on a caring role, but I certainly didn't volunteer for all the extra duties I've had to take on since the start of the Covid pandemic. Those were basically forced on me due to a lack of services and support.
I signed this petition, and whilst I can see the need for it, it doesn't give any help to us oldies who no longer work.

I stopped working in 2015 when I turned 65, I'd already been caring to some extent for a couple of years prior to that, but everything went downhill quite quickly for my wife in 2014/15 and my caring responsibilities increased accordingly.

I've not had a day off since I retired. This can't be right.

I could probably wangle a couple of hours a week respite care if I could bother to go through all the hoops but a couple of hours a week is pointless. There's no problem leaving my wife to her own devices for a couple of hours and so I already take a couple of hours each afternoon.

I need a couple of weeks break, not a couple of hours, and I don't understand why I can't get access to something like that without dipping deeply into my pocket.

Once you take your pension, there's no more Carers Allowance, if fact, if you've been careful with your money during your earlier years, there's nothing at all.

I'll say it again: this can't be right!

It isn't right.

If you get to aged 70 and you can't have a couple of weeks break without dipping into your own pocket to fund care for your wife there is something VERY WRONG.

I am the same as you I get the odd hour or two off, but what I really need is regular breaks of a week or two.

There is just no sign of that.

If I get to pension age and have my two sons sorted in supported living - if my hubby suddenly needed care there's only one thing to do...


I could not face looking after anyone else
Hi everyone. I've just signed the petition - it's really easy and is done in under a minute or so. They just ask for your name and email address. They then send you an email and you then click on the link.
Please sign this petition. So far there are less than 20,000 signatures so we have a very long way to go to reach 100,000 +.
When 100,000 people have signed the petition then the government will discuss raising Carers allowance for us.
Carers Uk

Many more signatures are needed for this petition.

I am guessing its not reaching everybody..

Will you promote this petition nationally please?
To be honest I think this post regarding the petition for 'Carers allowance' is hidden here and is not being read. In my opinion it should be at the top of the forum. After all this is something that affects thousands of Carers. We need more signatures.
£67.25 per week for working 35 + hours as a carer is appalling.
Karen Dee wrote:
Tue Aug 04, 2020 3:10 pm
To be honest I think this post regarding the petition for 'Carers allowance' is hidden here and is not being read.
There is a total of 26,506 members of this forum, (info is at bottom of index page) many of those are not active, many others have signed up, asked one question and disappeared again. As I write this, there are just six registered users on-line. I understand your fervour, but the signatures need to come from some of the other 7,000,000 carers in the country.

If you google "carers petition" and do a bit of digging into the past you will find several that have been started, most of them have not received the requisite number of signatures: it's a sad state of affairs, but there it is.
There has been as of now 1006 view of this thread.

Even if everyone of those signed it would be a small contribution. Individuals need to read and forward to friends and family to support it.
in my case , friends and family dont care .
and because i am in scotland , it is usually seen as carers should be paid LESS or none at all. than we already get.
I have been blamed for the unemployed not getting more money than they deserve ,
i have family who think i am free loading scum , and to lazy to work a real job .
so i just wanted to be a carer for a free ride and easy way out ..........

and many people i have spoken to , think the same , carers get to much money ..
even if you include the little "" top up "" carers in scotland get , i have been told its to much already and should not get any .