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Petition about DLA - please sign - Carers UK Forum

Petition about DLA - please sign

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The government introduced the Right Payment Programme in May this year: no publicity at all that I've been able to find - only found out about it by accident. There is a petition on the Prime Minister's site - see the link below.

The Right Payment Programme replaces the Periodic Review (PR) Under PR, a large proportion of DLA recipients with chronic health/disability were exempt from PR, on the grounds that their situation was highly unlikely to improve. However, without any prior warning or consultation these exemptions have been withdrawn, and the only exempt groups under RPP are those with terminal illness, or those awarded DLA in the last 12 months.
The effect of the above is that many chronically sick/disabled people with chronic and incurable conditions will face having their award reviewed, and possibly reduced or removed altogether. This will obviously affect carers who could lose entitlement to Carers Allowance altogether, even though their caring situation is unchanged. This sounds very much like what happened in the late 1990s with the Benefits Integrity Project, the predecessor of Periodic Review, which was halted by the government in 1999 as a 'disaster'.

Well do I remember that project - I had to support my sister through it (no change fortunately) and about a dozen families, some of whom lost benefits on at best marginal evidence by doctors who were not interested in anything other than getting people off DLA. Don't let it happen again - please sign!

Have signed.
Petition signed.
Many thanks, everyone.