Paul Bates: “Coming to the House of Commons"

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Another useless piece of guff that will achieve nothing. See latest news item from c/uk about carers week. what has it done? nothing. what will it do? nothing. what can we expect to happen? nothing. I agree with his view that it is the fight for support that is the problem. No matter how you fight it will not be accepted and you will be kept hanging on for months and then you will be extremely fortunate for someone to even speak to you, let alone get help. i will say it again but in my view all of theses charities are just talking shops and job creation schemes. More so for the CEO and Directors on unbelievable salaries.
Oh dear, where do I start?
Read this first, then come back to me with a more reasonable argument: YOU are Carers UK: this organisation is featherweight in terms of staff, and relies heavily on volunteers, simply because we carers are apparently not 'sexy' enough to pay staff big wages.