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Pat's Petition - Benefits and services

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There was a Hardest Hit event in Newcastle all day yesterday. Pat came down from Edinburgh as she was invited to be a speaker. The days agenda was full and many people told their own stories about how the cuts were affecting them now and how worried they were about further changes in the future.

For those interested Pat is also a guest on BBC The Big Questions tomorrow Sunday 3rd June. It is a live programme from Glasgow this week.
Thank you Rosemary. I will record that.
Thanks Rosemary
Of course it isnt a failure, it is by the far the most successful petition (in pure numerical terms) we carers have ever been involved in. And my very minor quibbles about sloppy drafting notwithstanding, I'm thrilled it has got this far .. but sadly it appears to have stalled significantly and unless something dramatic occurs, it will not reach the hoped-for 100k figure. I dont think the "captcha" process is the big problem, though it may have lost us a few hundred signatures. I think the problem is that there are still a fairly small number of people who are active campaigners, (like thee and me) and we only have so many friends each, and once we get outside of that activist envelope, enthusiam wanes exponentially. Thats maybe where more skilful drafting at the very start might have helped to raise legitimate concerns amongst people who are not currently engaged in campaigning. i.e., we are preaching to the converted and need to consider how to get the message out to a much wider potential network.
Thanks Rob. Petition is only one part of the work going on. There is constant contact with people from all walks of life. Some of the disability charities are looking at the Judicial review process, legal course.
Just now we are supporting Joint Committee on Human Rights and their report so emails exchanged for that. Independent groups are working together more.

Both Carers UK and PRTC included details in their e newsletters, and we witnessed a spike in numbers. If Disability charities did the same reaching the target would be a lot easier. So far they are supporting but via social media. That has such a fast turnover though and not everyone belongs to likes of Facebook and Twitter. Pat has a meeting next week and muggins here supposed to be giving a speech in 2 weeks time. Need attend a planning meeting 1st.

Regardless what happens the petition has certainly played a part to raise awareness further afield.

If any members here belong to groups, unions, anywhere that issue newsletters feel free to send them the details and ask them to share.

It is ourselves whom are all in it together.

x x x
.The onslaught continues.....

video here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6-iTZR8CoI

Please share again and help give this a final push.

Thank you

x x
Over 2000 have signed over the weekend. Last 3 days.


Can you all give it another final push please. If you belong to a disability charity contact them and ask to send out in an e newsletter. Share on your facebook pages and as many other pages as you can.

So many people are still unaware of what lies ahead

Thank you

x x
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Petition closed last week.

Details can be read here
Although petition did not reach target the campaigning continues.....

An open letter was sent to Liam Byrne and support came from others for it too.

Following this arrangements are being made for an Opposition Day in January

Will add further details once known.

In meantime please contact your MP via this link

Too many families are going to be hit from several directions and we need learn the full impacts on them

x x x
Just a quick update

A few of us are attending a meeting with Liam Byrne next week and we have been collecting supporting statements.

One from Carers UK

Carers Trust

If you scroll down on this link you will find more, comments can be added

Time will tell whether we get the Opposition day but doing nothing is not an option Image