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Pat's Petition - Benefits and services - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Pat's Petition - Benefits and services

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Not long to go till 20,000 now
It's being supported by our carers centre.
Over 28,000 now

Could I ask that you share this link again please

Govt have been moving goal posts again regarding the welfare reform bill by bringing in 'financial privilege' rule. They are determined to steamroller this through.

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Seems to me that the "financial privilege" rule has been misused here, but I'm no lawyer.
Seems to me he wants it so he's going to get it, whatever it takes and the Devil take the hindmost Image
numbers now 35,425 still a long way to go but even though the Bill is now an Act there is still issues to raise.

Several things been happening. Various interviews been done, several groups working together on an open letter regarding Impact Assessment. This ties in with this and this here

Pat already been to Westminster for a meeting and next week there is one with Scottish welfare group members. Yours truly going with her.

If you have not already done so, please sign and share with family and friends asking them to do the same.
Its not just about gathering names but working with others too.

The human cost of disability cuts - letter in Guardian

Pat at Edinburgh

Next week June 1st, it is an event in Newcastle.
The Stop the Beer Duty escalator petition has 48,194 total signatures. Its a crowded market.
I wish I knew what makes a petition go viral: but whilst it is doing quite well, probably the best we have ever achieved, Pat's Petition still isn't quite setting the heather on fire.
I'm not quite sure why: the meaning is clear, but I'm still concerned about the wording. it could maybe have benefited from sharper drafting.
Now you know I am the only one that will answer this.. Image

There have been a few reasons come to light. Some wont sign as if on benefits they dont want to give their full address. They feel as if will be targetted.
It has actually been the captcha though which has caused the biggest problem for some people and is an issue that is being taken further. The govt are pushing for more and more claims etc to be online but there is big problems with accessibility. Pat, along with CEO's of some groups are pushing to get this sorted. Dont quote me as I am not involved in that side of things but if memory serves me right it has something to do with United nations.

The petition is only one part of the ongoing campaigning. There have been visits to both Westminster and Edinburgh with welfare teams. Interviews done, articles in Guardian but, and this just my personal comment, the biggest step forward has been the networking with other individuals, groups.

When approached both Carers UK and PRTC added the details to their e newsletters. This saw a spike in numbers. Yet, although disability charities supported via social media, the bigger ones would not send in their e newsletters.

There is an all day conference in Newcastle next week covering many issues and Pat is one of the speakers. Anything that raises awareness has to be worth doing.

Each person measure success differently. If petition does not reach the target most will say it failed full stop. For me though it has been a learning curve, I have also made some good friends. Contacts have been made for future use too.

Any suggestions you can make Rob, or anyone else, will be taken on board. Image
It's no failure - it's by far the most successful petition of its kind.