Pat's Petition - Benefits and services

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done and done
Signed. Will circulate via work and family.
Thanks everyone. Pat is delighted at the response. Total as typing this stands at 878 , not bad at all for a day and a half.

Support has been coming in from groups/organisations who will be sending the details out in their next newsletters and mailing lists. This will happen over next few weeks.

If anyone has ideas on how to spread the word further afield please say so.

x x x
have signed and also done this one!
Pat sends her thanks to members here. On saturday she passed the 3000 mark. Not bad going for only 6 days.
Signed, but Cameron is now saying that they will move the goal posts to 150,000 sigs required for debate.

Just giving this a bump for the new members attention, please sign and pass info onto to as many as possable Image

5331 signitures so far Image
Thx Cheryl.

Pat now has quite a few of the big charities going to be sending her petition details out in their news letters. Plus she has had words of support from the Bishops that were speaking out over the weekend about some of the welfare reforms.
Thought you might like to know Pat broke through 10,000 on New years eve
Brilliant Image Image