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At both national and local level, we hear politicians praising the work of carers, and telling us how essential we are. However, and unsurprisingly, the rhetoric does not translate into action, when it comes to providing us with support that costs money – even where there are conspicuous injustices that ought to be remedied.

A particularly glaring injustice relates to older carers. Currently, carers become ineligible for carer’s allowance, once they are in receipt of state pension. This inequitable and unacceptable position is “justified” on the grounds that both are earnings replacement benefits.

So what? Caring responsibilities do not cease as a result of the payment of state pension. Why should older carers have to put up with this injustice?

At present, there is an e-petition at https://submissions.epetitions.direct.g ... ions/22744, calling for carer’s allowance to be paid to those in receipt of state pension.

However, it has fewer than 30 signatures.

Let’s all sign it before it comes to an end on 16th November ... and then start another one ... and also write to our MPs, and demand that they do something about this issue.

Dr David Mills Daniel
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