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e-petition to improve A&E for mentally ill - Carers UK Forum

e-petition to improve A&E for mentally ill

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If you saw the Panorama expose on how the mentally ill are forced to use the police in times of crises rather than A&E you will agree that it is time the Government and NHS changed this situation, and now.

I've set up a petition calling for the government to create equality between services for physical and mental illness. Please sign it and share with your friends.

The shocking Panorama program "Locked up for being ill" can still be seen here : http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0 ... Being_Ill/
My petition is here : http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/55245
Actually the services for physical illness - particularly physical disability - are pretty crap as well. We are still having an ongoing battle with the hospital who deny everything after my son's stint in hospital with pneumonia last September. The staff attitudes were appalling, my husband and I had to stay and do all son's care. I had to sleep on the floor and I am physically disabled too and my husband had to sleep in a chair. As in fact did my son who had to sleep sitting up in his wheelchair as the hospital bed was so uncomfortable. That was for two nights. He had spent hours in A & E waiting for them to sort out a pressure relief mattress and then when we got up to the ward they claimed not to know anything about it. The ward staff claimed to not know how to operate our son's ventilator, cough assist machine or nebuliser. On a respiratory ward!!! Image They refused to hoist him on the grounds that their staff had to be protected from injury and they refused to let us hoist him on the grounds of Health and Safety. They would not allow us to bring his air mattress from home on the grounds of Health and Safety. Despite me telling them that they could not place him onto a bed pan unless he was attached to a hoist and sling (for his health and safety) because of his muscular dystrophy and the fact that he had a spinal fusion, a nurse and an auxiliary marched in to the room and tried to forcibly stuff the bed pan under him despite his screams of pain and when my husband and I objected we were told that we should leave the room as we were obviously over anxious parents!! When we eventually got them to use the hoist they did not pay attention to what they were doing and hurt my son's knee quite badly. When writing the first of at least three back and forth complaint letters I was told that he could not have had an injury as no doctor saw him and he would have been prescribed analgesics. I was able to tell them the names of the TWO doctors who had seen him and the name and dosage of the analgesics they had prescribed for him (which were kept in the locked box along with his heart medication and the sheet that had to be signed by the nurses each time medication was given to him) but the proof seems to have magically disappeared. I have a law degree and despite me telling them that they could not use the Health and Safety at Work Act to get around their duty of care and the disability discrimination and human rights legislation I was simply ignored. Hospitals don't seem to be able to deal with ANYONE who is 'out of the norm' whether mentally or physically disabled in my opinion.

have you tried shaming the hospital on the NHS Direct website - they have a feedback page?
It is a good way to put complaints into the open so that the hospital have to reply or be seen to be bad.
Was it a mistake to close so many of the old psychiatric hospitals?
Colin this thread is over 4 years old and the petition has long since been closed.