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Update: Social Care Funding

by Nicole G Feb 8th, 2017

Breaking: the government’s panicking about social care. Leaked texts seem to show they’ve done a behind-the-scenes deal to give people in Surrey more money to care for older and vulnerable people.

Surrey Council was planning to hold a vote on whether to raise council tax to fund social care. A Conservative council admitting that the government’s lack of funding forced them into this made headlines. Now it looks like the government’s panicked and given them cash – in exchange for calling off the vote.

Question is, if Surrey gets more social care funding, why not the rest of us? Sign the petition if you think everyone deserves decent care when we need it:

please provide a link to the petition
Sorry no link - if people go on website and type 'Social Care'.
butterfly68 wrote:Sorry no link - if people go on website and type 'Social Care'.
When you have read the petition just copy and paste the link.

There are thousands of petitions.
I did copy and past the petition.
butterfly68 wrote:I did copy and past the petition.

yes, but without the link to the correct petition it will be very difficult for anyone to find and sign it.