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new reply from d.w.p. - Carers UK Forum

new reply from d.w.p.

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Thank you for your further e-mail on 15 August regarding carers allowance. i have been asked to reply.

I note your comments concerning the issues surrounding the additional care of your mother.

I am afraid there is little i can usefully add to that of my colleague, Mrs Keane`s reply of 13 August.

However, i should add that in the governments ongoing work to support carers, the chancellor and IVAN LEWIS, the parliamentary under secretary of state for the department of health, announced a cross-government review of the 1999 national carers stratergy as part of the new deal for carers signalled in the white paper, our health, our care, our say.

Led by the department of health, the review is examining progress towards delivering the governments objectives.

To help examine progress and formulate a new stratergy, the work of the review has been divided into four key themes - employment, income, health and social care, and equalities - each led by a nominated department and including key stakeholders, this department is leading on the employment and income work streams and part of the remit is to look at carers allowance.

This will result in a new national carers stratergy to be published next year.

ref= TO/07/12613


above from STEVE BURTON
Divide and rule springs to mind here.

Take care
okay, so I've read that three times and still can't see any information in it - typical govspeak.
i know its just c*** just come back from staffordshire been to the arboretum all these government policy groups always report next year then when we have election they wil say we hope to implement new policy during this parliament no chance we save N.H.S. billions of ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ each year and we should be rewarded for that alone

The usual waffling reply.

In the meantime I wonder how many Carers have lost their homes?
Lived off their savings?
Drawn down or had their pensions frozen
Incurred debt?
Gone with out?
Not gone out because they can't afford to?

Governments have been "looking into" Carers problems for over 17 years.
How much more do they think they will learn from this new commission?
They need to be "doing" not "looking".