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New Petition...re proposals to transfer carers to JSA - Page 5 - Carers UK Forum

New Petition...re proposals to transfer carers to JSA

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Could this be because carers and their carees are being put on ESA now?
I see the unemployment figures are suddenly rising dramatically.
It's just a proposal regarding carers at the moment, Mairie, which is why it's important to make the government realise what a dotty and insulting idea they have put forward. The more people who sign the petition, the better.

As an example, Rosemary has made contact all over the place and cajoled others to spread the word, too. I've emailed everyone I'm in contact with at home and at work to try to push this. If even a third of the people we contact sign, that will bring us closer to the 1000, which given the small number of carers on the net and the low political priority (compared to petrol tax, for example) that the wider public places on carers, would be a good start - and it's already better than many previous carer petitions on the PM's site.
Oops - I think the Government have shot themselves in the foot with this 'cos it's going to really up the unemployment figures which they are desperate to keep down.
Just going to sign Image
729 and counting...
788 now . Image
I signed. Hope they all count. Fingers crossed. xxx
After 29 years of caring I lost my daughter last year and up until then I was in receipt of Carers' Allowance. Because I was a lone parent I was advised to apply for JSA to give myself time to grieve and adjust and look for retraining and work. However, because I had some savings, I was refused JSA. So for 4 months I lived off my savings until I found work. What will happen to carers receiving Carers Allowance and have savings if they are transferred onto JSA? Will the JSA rules change?
It's not very likely, annbell415. It seems they just want to plant carers onto JSA, but there is so little detail because the idea is ill-considered and would create a three-tier system for paying carers according to what ministers have said:

For those currently on CA and IS - go directly to JSA

For those currently on CA only - stay on CA

For pensioners - retain underlying entitlement/receive CA if pension is too small.

And this is supposed to SIMPLIFY the system???????
thats over well 1200 names now, Image

funnily enough some noticeable names are missing and are conspicious by their absence

will this be the closest we will get to the infamous brazmillion?
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