New proposals to transfer carers to JSA

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We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to withdraw the
proposal to transfer carers on carers allowance and income
support to job seekers allowance and to recognise carers'
valuable social input by keeping carer benefits separate from
the rest of the benefit system.

In the Welfare Green Paper No One Written Off: Reforming
Welfare to Reward Responsibility the Government proposes to
transfer working age carers on Carers Allowance and Income
Support to Job seekers Allowance. Carers are amongst the most
responsible members of society. Without their contribution our
NHS and social care systems would collapse. Transferring carers
to job seekers allowance , a benefit that suggests carers are
not working, are not contributing to society and are available
for work is an insult and a contradiction of the government’s
claim to ‘recognise’ carers’ ‘immense contribution’ to society
(estimated to be worth £87 billion a year). Carers' valuable
social input should be recognised by keeping carer benefits
separate from the rest of the benefit system.
Signed. Only nine of us so far!
Give it time Charles Image Image
Not confirmed by no 10 until yesterday afternoon Charles Image
Well done on this Belle.

Maybe members here could help by spreading the word.This is such an important issue to fight and time is of the essence.So if you belong to another board including any of the disability ones please feel free to share the link.

Hubby and I both signed.

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Just sign up let Image Image Image Image Image

Signed. Only nine of us so far!
Yeah i signed it this morning.Lets hope it gets thousands more and that it does the trick.

Just signed petition and that makes 55 signatures.

Bit disappointing so im gonna send it to everyone i know.
Hi just signed it, jobseekers allowance, dont they think the "jobs" that carers do is not hard enough. I work part time and not in reciept of anything, some days i go for a rest, feel as if i've done a days work before i go. Mand65
I checked earlier on - 68 now!

Keep it up!
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