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A letter to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions - Carers UK Forum

A letter to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

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I have just sent off this letter today, it wont have any effect but i am getting so angry with the stories people are telling me on my forum


The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions( Mr. Peter Hain )

Dear Mr.Hain: Labour promised this country much when it first came to power, the average man and woman have been let down very badly, the rich of our society have got richer and the poor poorer, please do not waste my time or intelligence by quoting me figures, its a fact.
The business community have done really well under Labour, but for Mr or Mrs average everything has gone wrong,Gas/Water/Electricity/Council Tax/ have all gone up and are increasing, stealth taxes have increased, crime is out of control, hospitals are dirtier than they have ever been in their entire history, public transport is worse than its ever been before, and the education system has failed completely, children are leaving school today without being able to read or write, Labour have sent our soldiers to die in a war that has nothing to do with us and cannot even give our wounded soldiers decent treatment when they return wounded, labour should be ashamed of itself.
My real bugbear about this Labour government is its failure to treat the six million carers of this country like human beings, you treat us like slave labour, the carers allowance is an insult, it is the only benefit that you have to work for to obtain(a minimum of 35 hours per week) it is appalling, please do not say you can claim other benefits because what usually happens is as soon as you claim another benefit it is then deducted from your original benefit, it is not fair.
How come councils and government put more value on fostering children, up to four hundred pounds per child per week, and thats for a normal child, what about carers who have to care for disabled children or parents on their own, they loose their jobs, their homes, their health, no holidays, would you work twenty four hours per day seven days per week for the rest of your life? no i dont think so, so why would Labour expect carers to do that, and all for a allowance of about forty seven pounds per week.
The majority of carers i know live in poverty, having to shop for clothes in second hand shops, going without food, not turning on the heating because they cannot afford it, frightened of being made homeless, not being recognised for what they do for this country, carers save this country nearly seventy billion pounds per year, we get nothing back, for a politician who fought so hard to end the appalling treatment of Blacks in south Africa i find it hard why you and Labour are forcing a group of society into modern slavery, you may not like the use of the word slavery but that is what carers are, modern day slaves in this very rich country called Great Britain, when are you and this shambles of a government going to recognise the job carers do and give them a benefit that will not have them being punished for the job they do because of love and committment towards their loved ones? Carers will not continue to put up with this terribly cruel treatment, six million carers will show their pain at election time if Labour do not change their ways.
I look forward to a prompt and interesting reply.

Yours Sincerely Mr.Tony Rhodes ( National Carers Forum
Great letter Tony Image

Paula xx
Even though i am a socialist and a trade unionist ex oh i forgot i had to give up work 1997 to look after both of my parents .
i support your letter i think some things are a bit better but the help for carers is nil as you say we should receive more cash and help with council tax not just the 25% we have to grovel for we should be exempt from prescription charges iam now paying about £24 per month also dental care and optical iam due eye test but have put it off as the cost worries me.
we see so often that the goverment have handed over cash for carers advice lines and help centre`s we have a new one in newcastle you can pop in for a cup of tea or massage and many other things but who looks after my mother when iam at day centre????? ive been told it will cost £12 per hour for some one to sit with my mother she has been told she can go to day centre but at a cost of £16 (about) our local m.p`s signed an early day motion so carers could work for more then £85 per week with out the loss of the carers allowance but how can we work when most of us care for our relatives 24/7.
over the last 6 weeks ive wrote dozens of emails and letters to labour party front bench members and others and have had not one reply.
ive supported the labour party since i was at school my mother was union rep as was i R.M.T. my brother is full time regional organiser for rail union R.M.T.
when gordon brown made it clear he was standing as our future beloved leader he spoke about the work carers do but its all about support and help, information and guidance but never money.
last year i received a letter from N.H.S. they said for my father to be cared for in hospital/care home it would cost abou t£24-000 per year as i said i was also caring for my mother so how much was i saving the tax payer all for £2-400 per year and ive rounded my benefit up.
think we should have an email campaign at peter hain
Thanks very much for the nice words about my letter, the main problem that carers tell me about is lack of money, carers save this country not only money but save them bed spaces, we are modern day slaves and the government are our slave masters, they are the ones whith the whip in their hand, i will fight these arrogant beaurocrats till i draw my last breath.

All the best Tony Image
Hi Tony,
Great letter everything you have wrote is true!
Hope you get a reply
Keep us posted!!! Deb x Image
Thanks very much for your kind words debbie.

Tonyxx Image
Great letter Tony.
Good luck with it.
x x x
Good luck Tony. I hope when you get a reply it is as easy to understand as your letter, though I doubt it as Departments do not seem to grasp plain English.

Take care
Good luck Tony. I hope when you get a reply it is as easy to understand as your letter, though I doubt it as Departments do not seem to grasp plain English.

Take care
Very good letter Tony and l feel the same way hence my comment to the post title.


hahahahahah if only we good get the help.

I chose to be a carer. That's my choice. There are other options, and they are fine too. Care by paid carers is sometimes inevitable, sometimes better, sometimes worse than the unpaid care we offer. Some carers are great, some are cr*p... the only difference is that we carers are not subject to rigorous scrutiny and external inspection. If you don't like caring, then check out the alternatives - private, statutory, voluntary, direct payments, independent living...the list goes on and on. A few years back I had to face this choice for a much loved older relative, and chose a good voluntary sector nursing home..which could offer a far better quality of life and support than I could offer. It was the right choice - absolutely brilliant.