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Share your petitions or campaigns here.
The best way to get signatures on a petition is to promote it heavily through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, in the hope that it will "go viral": i.e. be picked up by others and spread through their networks of contacts. Petitions are a crowded market, they don't sign themselves, and this forum attracts a fairly small number of politically active readers. However the low 'turnout' may simply be that some people don't agree with you, or that the wording fails to resonate.
A war widow who , like my mother has paid into and has full N.I. contributions that enable her to receieve a full state retirement pension in her own right in 2006 her state retirement pension was about £100 per week however when she became entitled to the war widows pension/alowance her own state retirement pension was reduced to £27 per week this is due to overlapping benenfits... we cant remove the overlapping benefits rule from one group and not the others....
A relative of mine received a War Pension @ 100% disabled rate, plus an Industrial Injuries Payment , at 90% rate, (for a different disability) plus of course his old age pension and an occupational pension. So he was technically 190% disabled, and earned a good deal more than I did, as a graduate in the peak of a middle-management career! Overlapping benefits? Well, in his case, yes. But both entirely merited. It's still a lottery out there, and there are many others with greater needs who received far less income. One day someone will have the bottle to go for root and branch reform.
In 2004 I proposed a motion at the CUK conference that caring was recognised as work, and that CA should be gradually up graded to at least meet the minimum wage. The current system is nonsense. The state, via the local authority, will pay anyone other than us to provide care and be paid a wage for doing so, subject to a needs assessment. However when a family member cares, that isn't work?! We do the same work and should receive the same pay, or the minimum wage at least. How can it be right for someone losing their CA - with minimum requirement of 35 hours care of course, when they go out to work to make ends meet? I don't know of any other sector of society where anyone taking a second job entirely loses the pay from the first job? Students caring can't claim CA, if they are studying for 21 hours a week, that's nonsense too. Only by recognising that care is work will these injustices be solved.