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End Carer poverty petition - Carers UK Forum

End Carer poverty petition

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Thanks Jean.....signed Image
Image Nobody will see it here! Image
I've signed it but a lot of people won't see it here because like me they don't scroll down much!
It is also in a couple of the forums higher up the page along with other protest-related information, Entity. I agree that we tend not to scroll down this far frequently but I think that most people check that they have not missed anything lower down the board at some point, I do at least.
Parsifal Thank you!
When i first started on the forum i did use to scroll down but then just looked at the first few at the top of the forum and still do!

I have now found the other posts about the protest.

I have a question you might be able to answer- the forum is not very disability friendly for people who have eyesight problems.
Very true, few sites are and if I want to share something with my mother whose sight is not good I usually change the zoom level at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, in fact I sometimes do this for my own benefit when I have not got my glasses at hand. I can think of few sites where one can click on and choose the print-size on the actual website, the Disability Now website is one of them.
In case any of you have missed this, please take a look and sign Image
The petition will shortly be taken off ready to go to Downing Street on march 3rd.
If you haven't signed, please can you do so and pass it on to your friends and family so they can support carers too.
Thank you.
Only a few days left, it would be great if those who hadn't signed would
please sign this for carer poverty.