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Mandy's Law Campaign / Petition - Carers UK Forum

Mandy's Law Campaign / Petition

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So much for the traditional routes ?

56 have now signed.

Petitions ... yesterday's failed ways.

Why repeat them ?
If you think Petitions are yesterday’s news,then form an Army with me in The NATIONAL UNION of CARERS ( NUC ) and change the record.
Millions are suffering at the hands of corrupt and powerfull people ,who skim all and more of the cream off the top, leaving those whom care at home for their sick loved ones ,with not much more than coloured water.
Act today vote for Carers Rights and help for form the Charter “Mandy’s Law” and get rid of the ROT that has and is plaguing Carers and their families lives.
Please go to ,carer or not, www.nuc.org.uk and demand change by clicking on the Petition Button and join us.
We have been left to do this on our own, as neither Political Parties, MP’s, Councils or any other Do Gooders really care.
Terry Bayliffe
We seem to keep talking and wittering about how unjust Carers are being treated and for many ,many years.
Let us change the “ Record “ and push to rid these injustices.
Others seem to rally around with Facebook,Twitter and other campaigns,yet Carers sit around waiting for some Miracle to evolve, while they sit quietly in the corner, not wishing to “ Push the Boat Out “ for fear of reprisals.
Well it aint going to happen unless we join forces and push all those back that merely patronise, but never accept or reward the millions of Carers, many dying on their feet through exhaustion and depression.
Join the NATIONAL UNION of CARERS, it’s free, to collectively make those changes finally happen.
Please go to www.nuc.org.uk or email us at ‘ info@nuc.org.uk ‘.
Please donate too ,if you can and also download a free copy of “ Shattered Dreams “ by Mandy Bayliffe
,a true story , by going to www.carersassociation.info.
Alternatively email info@nuc.org.uk and we will send you a free download of Mandy’s Book.