Lords A Leaping and the 4th Reich

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I can't believe this has passed in the oldest democracy in the world - what hope for the rest? I hope the various, differing interest groups and the public who know about this can wake the rest of the nation up. Image
There is nothing democratic about the House Of Lords. Merely a relic of the feudal system, and high time it was abolished.
I'm a Scot, come September, I'm out of here....
Scally is right.
To rely on the House of lords is an anachronism in the 21st century. They shouldn't even exist.
But they do, and this so-called bulwark caved in.
So, get campaigning about any issues before may 2014. After that you might be prosecuted; how many people want that hassle in their lives?
And where's the much vaunted media in all this?
If you hadn't have read my posts, would you even know about the gagging law?
I suspect not. I wouldn't have known about it but for a stray posting.

I never thought I'd do this, but I'm to sign myself of as....

disgusted of Tonbridge/Whatever

Lords, bishops, whatever you call yourselves, hang your heads in shame. You took the King's shilling....