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To everyone: The first person who i would like everyone to email is David Blunkett MP at the sun newspaper,i have found him to be responsive to my letters etc in the past, he even published part of a letter i wrote him on elderly care issues. I think that the issue we should concentrate on first is the carer allowance and the overlapping rule, the email should contain your thoughts on those particular issues, the way you word it it is up to you, his email address is exclusive@the-sun.co.uk if we can get a large enough number of people doing this i believe we will get some sort of response? If none of you are able to do this it is ok but the more the merrier]http://dev.carersuk.org/j3/images/icon_smile.gif[/img]
Thanks Tony, I'll be emailing David - he's a local Yorkshire lad so hopefully I'll get a response!

Paula xx
Hi Tony
Definately will do that.
Absolutely agree one of the best things that could happen to improve
things for a great many Carers is removing the over lapping benefit rule.

Does this mean the same as making CA non means tested?
Also are you asking for an Increse in CA?

Cheryl (the Peril) x
Hi Cheryl: I shall be asking that carere allowance be increased and that the means testing is stopped, it is just unfair, i suggest that we all basically talk about the same things but in our own words, lets hope that loads of people join in this idea, if you have any friends or relatives they can also join in, the greater the numbers the better.I think that carers allowance should be paid at the normal minimum wage hourly rate which is five pounds something, i shall let you know what that rate is soon, if that was granted that would improve carers lives alot.

All the best Tony Image Image
hi tony, good thinking. i will email him at the sun on 30th may. thanks. pam
Thanks alot pam and if you know of anyone else that you can get to do the same that would be brilliant, hope you are well, take care.

All the best Tony. Image
Hi Tony, have you posted this on other forum boards, so it reaches as many as possible?
If you want to make an impact, make it big!!
Hi Myrtle: Yes i have posted this on other sites now, the one mistake i made was saying that the 30th may was thursday when infact it is wednesday but i think everyone knows that now, sorry, wednesday is the day lets hope alot of people join in Image Thanks to everyone for their support though, if we do this on a regular basis we might get some media attention, you never know Image

All the best Tony Image Image Image
Count me in Tony.

x x
Thanks rosemary: Lets hope that wednesday 30thmay 2007 is the start of some activity?

All the best Tony. Image Image