Lord Hanningfield - Care Needs Petition.

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Another petition set up by Lord Hanningfield of Essex County Council. He started his petition at approx the same time as mine, yet he only has 53 signatures we have over 2,100. I was told by his office that he has people in parliament trying to get people to sign and yet there are hardly any signatures. He is a Lord, I am a Mr. I have phoned the man on at least 7 occasions and e mailed him on several. Alas no reply. Is it a serious petition?

Let's get him the 100 plus signatures he requires to get a government response and see what he does about it when he receives it.


We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Provide sufficient funding to meet the social care needs of the elderly and disabled, to recognise that with a growing elderly population the scale of the problem will only get worse and that a long term solution is now urgently needed.

Submitted by Lord Hanningfield of Essex County Council – Deadline to sign up by]www.continuingcarecampaign.info[/url]
Dear Stephen: I have just signed the petition and lets hope he gets his 100 signatures.

All the best Tony Image Image
Job done!
Done this morning but forgot to post here.

Hi Stephen
Have signed too - hope it does some good.
Wishing you and your brother well.
CB xx
Just added my signature - good luck to him

Dear All,

Many thanks. Mission accomplished.

Kind Regards,

Stephen (Johnson).