Live Government Petition - Carers National Living Wage

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Apparently there are around 6.000.000 Carers in UK yet only 10533 (as of time of writing this) have signed the above petition? The petition requires 100,000 signatures for it to be considered for debate in Parliament - so where is everyone? It expires in April - there is still time. It is a petition to pay carers an allowance equivalent to a full-time job at the National Living Wage. 37p an hour is what we are currently paid. Please sign this petition, we earn it and save the UK billions as full-time Carers.
One of several " Petitions " along similar lines ( The ARCHIVE section a good guide ) over the years which has received pathetic responses.

One huge stumbling block is reaching the 6 million or so carer army ... hundreds of thousands , if now low millions , do NOT have regular internet access ... many of the 1 in 12 who actually claim Carers Allowance would add their signature IF they knew about online petitions.

Again , just one of the many issues covered by our LORD KITCH thread ... one place where all our issues are detailed for anyone to see.

Petitions , in the main , have long past their sell by date.

Pressure on a local mp to canvas for a cross party private members bill is the only real way of bringing whatever issues to the attention of the House.

Having said that , virtually all issues ... including the continuing meltdown in the NHS and social care ... are secondary considerations ... for the House ... after Brexit.

After all , what can compete with the continuing preservation of wealth and power ?
Yes I wondered if the majority of Carers may not have internet access, and some children carers won't know about online petitions - plus you probably have to be over 18 to sign etc etc.. But where are the flipping Social Workers or Support Workers or Teachers that could pass this info on? Its like everything is designed to make life more difficult for us and the people we care for.
A good description of actual life in CarerLand.


Supporting Circus ?

Always around ... somewhere ... IF they continue to be paid by the taxpayers on the manors.

They have their jobs , we have our ... tasks ? ... and , never the twain shall meet ?