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EMAIL CAMPAIGN ON(Monday 2nd July 2007) - Carers UK Forum

EMAIL CAMPAIGN ON(Monday 2nd July 2007)

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This months email campaign is directed at TESCOs, i have been spoken to by many people who turn up with disabled relatives only to find that a non disabled person has parked in their allocated space, when they ask the person to move or say that they should not park there they then get abuse left, right, and centre. I f you say anything to Tesco staff they do nothng, so this is this months email campaign, and i would like to thank Paula for the initial idea.
The details are as follows and we shall be using our own words in the email to put our points across, send emails to terry.leahy@uk.tesco.com he is the Chief Executive Officer of Tesco, i hope everyone will support this campaign, thanks very much to everyone.

Tony. Image
Nice one Tony. At some point in the future can we do this to B&Q as well?
Agree with you on the B&Q one John, went over there the other day and one of the staff was helping a lady with a trolley to load her car, as I was getting my husband into our car I heard her say to him Oh I'm parked in a disabled bay is that alright, to which he replied yes of course it is you can park where you like. I made some comment to him where he just looked at me as if I was some demented woman. I also sent an email of complaint to which I have not had a reply Image
Yes, we could hit all the big stores at some time, what a good idea, thanks.

Tony Image
I used to shop at tesco`s kingston park newcastle but the parking was a nightmare.
so started to use sainsbury whitley bay not much better.
but i now use sainsbury at shiremoor near w/bay no problem with disabled parking bays in fact every time ive visited the staff have pushed mum round in her wheelchair while i used trolly they either have to many staff or as i would like to think they are just good at their job
at last some help from shop staff
I think you know you can count on my support for this Tony!

Paula xx
I would just like to say thanks for all the support for this next email campaign, i would also like to say that i hope more of you will be joining my new forum, it is a place where if you feel down or just want a chat then this new forum is the place, we will support you when you need supporting, we will encourage you when you need encouragement, we will give a shoulder to cry on if and when needed, we are a friendly place so why not give us a try, nothng ventured, nothing gained, you may like us, there are some old faces you may recognise.

Thanks again Tonyxx Image Image
Just bringing this to the top again, please support this if you can.


Paula xx

x x x
Just sent mine!

Paula xx