Letter to The Commission for Social Care Inspection

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This group has been failing in its duties for a long time, i shall wait for their interesting reply Tony Image
Tony Rhodes ( National Carers Forum )
Date: 8/7/2007
Topic: Failure to do your job
To: The Commission for Social Care Inspection

To Whom it may Concern:

I am very interested to know how each year the cases of abuse in Carehomes continues to grow, i thought your inspectorate was there to stop poor care in carehomes, half a million cases each year and the numbers growing seem to imply your large failure in doing your job.
The exscuses you give for not closing down carehomes is just stupid, you seem to give the benefit of the doubt to the carehome rather than to the elderly person who lives in the carehome, you are meant to protect the person, not protect the owner or manager of the carehome, some of the cases of abuse are horrid, the neglect on a par with torture, that is down to your failure as an organisation to work quickly enough, i have seen cases where you have given the carehome two or three chances to put there house in order as you put it, the first suspicion of neglect or abuse should then mean you close that place down, the reason i believe you do not close down as many homes as you should is because it would put more pressure on the government to provide better care for these poor and vulnerable people, your organisation has become complacent with the abuse of elderly people who cannot defend themselves.
I look forward to your reply which i hope will show some reason for your failures to do your job.

Yours Sincerely Tony Rhodes ( National Carers Forum )
Great letter Tony.

Paula xx
good letter tony and one that needed writing i think. i know its a bit late, but the ladies name at the head of this organisation if you should need to write again is:- Dame Denise Platt. very approachable lady i am given to understand.