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Install CCTV cameras in all care homes to protect the vulner - Carers UK Forum

Install CCTV cameras in all care homes to protect the vulner

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http://www.itv.com/news/2016-04-12/fami ... t-thieves/

The pictures of this poor lady body through neglect are just appalling!! Please support this family and other vunerable people.

Please sign the petition.
CCTV should be compulsory in all care homes. My mothers care home had a meeting last week where family members are invited to here about how the care home is run and you can voice your own concerns. The manager raised the subject of CCTV in the home and said she thought it was a good idea and would welcome it but they have no plans to install it. I suspect this is due to the cost but I am sure the care staff would object to being watched, so really it was just more hot air.

And where would the cameras be installed, communal areas should be OK, but what about bedrooms where privacy and dignity would no longer exist. But that could be a price worth paying if it raised the standard of care and exposed doggy staff. And who would be allowed to see the video, just the manager, relatives or anyone in the video or even the local pervs. It would be a great tool to identify areas that need improving and staff that need training or sacking. It would only work if the manager takes action and lets face it, what care home is going to admit its staff are crap. My guess is it will be business as usual and any doggy footage will be erased in case it ends up on the BBC News or YouTube .

My mother used to have carers visit her daily before she went into a home and I have lots of 'hidden' HD video that shows the difference in the standard of care. Unfortunately only two out of the five regular carers actually did care and do the job they were supposed to, which was to give my mother her pills and try to get her to wash, all very simple and basic. Two of them used to regularly turn up late or finish early and then falsify the report sheet with the correct times. On other occasions one of the carers said my mother refused to wash when they had not even asked her, this happened a few times and on one occasion the carer had a phone conversation with the care company manager accusing my mother of refusing to wash and calling her a dirty old bag and then laughing. On other occasions they would just sit the whole half hour totally ignoring my mother and playing with their phone. I formally complained but in the end decided to not use the video I just told them I did not want those carers to come again.

So it seems the only time you here about bad carers is from relatives and only then when the relative has video proof.
I agree cctv’s can act as a great deterrent to potential thieves. I installed on in my house recently.They provide a safer environment and reduces theft to a large degree. Installing cctv at homes can help eliminate fraudulent insurance claims and reduce premiums. Most of the cctv’s can be viewed using an iphone or a laptop, I would suggest getting one with CCD technology because the video quality of the footage would be better. Most importantly knowing that you have a proper security system at home would give you a sense of relief and security.

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I have CCTV on my own house. I'm considering getting some form of covert camera for my learning disabled son's lounge. He keeps complaining that staff are on their mobile phones rather than doing what they are supposed to - cooking him good food and taking him out. Some staff say there is "nothing to do" locally - but M lives in the middle of a National Park and loves walking!
BB. Nothing to do in the middle of natural park!! How infuriating. Note of sarcasm here.If nothing to do, how about they do a short course on simple accounts to keep your son's in order!
Makes me cross. I worked with teenagers in care. There was always plenty to do. Sometimes if I'm honest I didn't really want to go to a muddy football pitch in the cold, but that was tough, it was my job. Worth it in the end. They used up energy etc etc.
CCTV cameras are necessary for the security of family. I have Security surveillance cameras installed outside the house. Now I can sit and watch all the activities outside from my house by connecting with mobile application.
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