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Increase Carers Allowance (petition)

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Hi, Mytle,

If you mean I should put it up as a petition, it would do no good (although I'm prepared to give it a try!!!).

The government takes the view that anyone will sign whatever is put in front of them, and so all petitions are meaningless in their eyes - unless they attract a phenomenal response and the media gets involved! Also, it would only be one petition amongst many and would detract from this petition.

Now - if all 6 million carers would write to their MPs as a collective voice ......... ???!!!!!

But most carers are not known to anyone and cannot be contacted. Many do not have access to computers. Those who do are usually too tired, too disillusioned and too pre-occupied with their caring role to bother about writing.

It needs someone to start a real political pressure group to tell the government what's what, and this can't be done by the existing carers support charities.

In the meantime, although it may not be right to reccommend other carers' sites here, please have a look at Cheryl's communal draft letter on the Princess Royal Trust for Carers site -


I do hope Carers Uk don't object. They do a wonderful job for us and, in the end, we are all in the same boat together.
Yes, I've seen Cheryl's letter. It's very good and seems to cover everything Image
The trouble is, as always, even if it is on every carer site so that as many people as possible can use it, it still will not reach ALL carers, not all those who see it will do anything about it, so the effect might be very small.
But a very small effect is better than no effect at all and something has to give soon.
These days the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, the gap gets wider between the 2 and carers come in a very poor third Image