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Increase carer allowance up to £100 pounds weekly - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Increase carer allowance up to £100 pounds weekly

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They need to change the rules regarding carers allowance and especially the income rules if you work and the amount you can earn. If you are a carer you should get carers allowance regardless of what you earn.Why? because you are a carer. It shouldn't be the case if you can't work because of caring responsibilities that you'll need to be 'topped up' as is present by 'the lowest' income in the land which is frozen for 4 yrs to deflate it's worth in 4 years time. That is called discrimination generally and it also discriminates towards those caring. Carer's Allowance going up to 100 pounds won't help at all. The Government have already said it's not designed to 'replace an income'. Which means it's a short term measure in actual fact.
Carers are in actual fact working and should be paid at the same rate as workers of this Country and given the same right's as all other workers in this Country, both to protect them from a) working long hours. b) being forced into the 'slave labour'.

Carers Right's as Humans are at risk by the way the system is designed and applied.
Charm, I totally agree. At the Carers UK AGM in London in 2004, I likened the current situation to that of modern slavery. I proposed that CA was raised to the same level as the minimum wage and was payable to ALL carers who were caring for 35 hours a week. I said it should be payable regardless of whether anyone was a student, OAP, etc. etc. and it should remain in payment regardless of whether or not the carer got a second job.
I also proposed sick pay, and guaranteed holiday entitlement. (There is guaranteed respite in Western Australia, so why not here?)
My motion was carried with a majority of well over 90% of those attending. It was then promptly buried by the management. No contact with me, just pretended it never happened really. Disgraceful.
I think we tend to forget that if it wasn't for Carers UK (in it's original format) there probably wouldn't be any Carers Allowance (originally called " Invalid Care Allowance" in 1976)

you can read more of CUK's history and the changes they have been instrumental in bringing about here:

https://www.carersuk.org/about-us/who-w ... ur-history
Let Lord Kitch detail our terms and conditions ... factually correct to the nearest 1p :

http://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-camp ... scue-27982

One of these posters should be in every Job Centre.

If there were , there would be no vacancies for any zero hour contract / even £ 1 per hour jobs available when compared with what carers are offered ?

Strange that the DWP haven't cottoned on.

Work or care ? Unemployment would fall to zero virtually overnight ?

Benefit bill cut .... job done ... champers all-round ?

Even a Knighthood for the clown who thought that one up ?

Lord Doom of the Worksop Gulag ?

Looking out at the wastelands of his domain.

'Ang on a mo !

I'm on your side !
I totally agree with Chris on this
Thin brown envelope on way ?

Wholesale supply ordered.

" You sure squire , 6 MILLION ?

Wimbledon shortly ....

Game , set , match ... 6-0 , 6-0 , 6-0 ?

If our supporting organisations offered the same conditions to their staff , would they still exist ?

Perhaps 80p an hour , 9-5 , public holidays , pensions ... queue of carers stretching back to London Bridge on recruitment day ?

Minimum wage ? For 80p per hour , almost like a lottery win for some over a year , especially when considering the overtime rate goes DOWN the more hours you care !

And , those extras on offer .... £ 15 per hour minimum to replace one of us so that we can take a break .... even 5 hours a month considered a luxury for many ... 2 WHOLE days a week ???

Some with carees so that they can continue caring at the same time ?

Most of those walked miles , caree goes free on public transport , carers don't !!!

Some busy with their abacuses ( Batteries too expensive for calculators ) making sure that they don't go over the 21 Hour Rule !!!

Local food bank relieved that the usual queues will diminish ... slightly.

Part of hq converted into a carees nursery ? A wheelchair derby perhaps as the highlight of the day ?

Now , that might be an idea to ponder on ... after all , doesn't the Government want us ALL to work ?????

CarerLand would never be the same again.

Yes , there are victories .... and there ARE , victories ?

Beating a non league side at home in the 3rd. is one thing , Old Trafford / Anfield / Stamford Bridge away in the 4th. is another ?

Once in the 4th. away in ... 40 years ... ?

Care Act ? Unlucky to lose that replay at home. Dodgy tactics that , opponents bringing in 8 feet tall players , and narrowing the goal posts at the end you were attacking ???

Still , good performance even if many supporters lost out ?

High hopes for that non league , supporter owned , club from out of nowhere in the last few months , away at 2 of the 3 in 2 cup competitions ... even the bookies are nervous ?

With 6 MILLION supporters , and hundreds or more joining every week , all eyes are on them.

Go Heretics , go !!!!!

Sounds of singing outside ... " No one cares for us ...

ENOUGH ... my finger tips hurt !

And that verse , 24/7 , 365 ... doesn't it every change ?

No ... thankfully .... say the 6 million !