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After about nearly four months of pushing Medway Council including a radio programme and a petition signed by carers about the dreadful situation with the bus pass, I am pleased to report that carers can know travel all over the Kent area and not just the Medway area. The only place that we cannot travel is in the tunbridge Wells area which will not allow you to travel if you start your journey in that area. What a result. I am as high as a kite. It certainly pays to push as hard as you can. The gentleman at Medway council must be counting his blessings as he knows that maybe now we will not hassle Medway Council anymore if they behave and keep this agreement going. At last some good news in the country. Thank you to everybody who signed the petition. It really helped. Take Care Alison Image Image
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Well done Alison
Well done Alison. A great result for Carers!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations Alison

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